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Climate is warm rather than hot, and temperatures very little throughout the year. Come and spend your holiday with Agency Jobogo Tours and Travel

Okapi + QENP and Lake Mburo NP safari - 12 days:

 This is a lodging safari for persons interested in discovering the potentials of Eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Queen Elizabeth NP Uganda and Lake Mburo. Areas to visit include Beni, Epullu, Mambasa, Ituri Forest, Mweya and lake Mburo NP. This safari has a lot to offer including animals, plants, forest and culture is concerned. It can be organized with a minimum of 2 participants and a maximum of 10 participants. We advise clients to get visas for Congo from the respective embassies. Visa for Congo is $ 80 dollars person and for Uganda is $ 50.

Please note that accommodation in Congo is not well developed as in Uganda and Rwanda.

Trip summary:

Day 01: Arrival at Entebbe.

Day 02: Transfer to Fort Portal – Kasese.

Day 03: Transfer to Congo - Beni via Kasindi Boarder.

Day 04: Beni – transfer to Epulu.

Day 05: Visit the Okapi – visit the Pygmies in Ituri Forest.

Day 06: Forest walks at Ituri forest.

Day 07: Transfer to Beni – visit Beni town.

Day 08: Transfer to Queen Elizabeth NP - Mweya.

Day 09: Game drive – boat trip.

Day 10: Chimps at Kyambura - Transfer to Lake Mburo NP.

Day 11: Nature walk – Boat trip.

Day 12: Transfer to Kampala and Departure.

What is included in this Trip?

All meals while on safari, lodge accommodation, airport transfers and activities as per the program: visiting Beni town, Mambasa, Epullu villages, river Ituri, visiting the Pygmies, Guided Forest Walk in Ituri Forest, visit the Okapi conservation Project in Epullu, Game drives and boat trip in Queen Elizabeth NP, Chimps at Kyambura gorge, Nature walk and boat trip on Lake Mburo NP.

What is excluded in this trip?

Personal expenses, visas, flight charges, all drinks except Mineral Water and other personal expenditures like tips and donations.

Detailed Itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival at Entebbe Airport.

On arrival at Entebbe International Airport you will be received by AJ tours and travel team. Depending on your arrival time, we may add a visit to the Entebbe Botanical Gardens and Entebbe Education centre.

Accommodation: Airport Guest House or Metropole or Windsor Lake Victoria Hotel.

Day 2: Transfer to Kasese via Fort Portal.

You will be transferred to Fort Portal via Mubende to Kasese. This journey takes about 6 hours full of interesting sceneries to see. It involves viewing of large tea plantations, views of Rwenzori Mountains on a clear day, road side markets, local people and forests. Overnight is foreseen Hotel Margherita.

Activity: Day drive while viewing mountains, Plantations and people.

Accommodation: Hotel Margherita.

Day 3: Kasese - transfer to Congo.

Transfer to from Kasese through Kasindi (the boarder of Uganda and Congo) to Beni town. After border clearance, you will begin entry of Congo on a rough road for 2 to 3 hours. You will be able to view the beautiful landscapes of Ishango, Mountain Tshiaberimu (Mt. Mt. Kyabirimu). On a good day you will view the glaciers at the peak Margherita. Overnight will be fore seen at Beni town – Hotel Beni.

Activity: View of Mountain Rwenzori and people.

Accommodation: Hotel Beni.

Day 4: Beni – Transfer to Epulu through Mambasa.

Wake up early in the morning for a departure to Epulu Ituri Forest. This is a day drive from Beni considering the road situation in Congo. The journey to Epulu involves a lot of activities to see while travelling. These will include the forests, various land use like deforestation for charcoal, village photo and recording. We will have a picnic lunch at Mambasa trading centre before proceeding to Epulu. We will have stop over at the major rivers like River Epullu. This is such a big river with a big river flow similar to that of the River Nile. Overnight and dinner will be at the Okapi Conservation reserve.

Activity: Discover of River Epullu and Forest sceneries.

Accommodation: Epullu Bandas.

Day 5: Epullu Ituri Forest.

After breakfast, you will visit the Okapis (Okapia Johnstoni). The Reserve harbors okapi and many other rainforest species including chimpanzees, elephants, hornbills and 13 species of monkeys. Found only in the Congo, the okapi (Okapia johnstoni) is a shy and reclusive forest dweller and is the only living relative of the giraffe. Its unusual coloration and markings, including stripes resembling a zebra, provide camouflage in the dense rainforest and protect it from predators. The okapi is so quiet and elusive that the indigenous people of the forest rarely see one.

After lunch you will visit the pygmy from Epullu who live in a totally different experience. Different activities will take place with pygmies. These will include, pygmy hunting, dancing and drama, sharing the experiences of the pygmy culture. This is a very good experience which an individual would not like to miss in life. The lyrics of Pygmy music are very fantastic and for sure you will end up joining the dance. The Bambuti (pygmies) are primarily hunter-gatherers, foraging for food in the forest. They have a vast knowledge of the forest and the foods it yields. After all the activities, you will return to the reserve for overnight.

Activity: Visit the Okapis; Visit to the Pygmies and Bird watching

Accommodation: Epulu Bandas.

Day 6: Forest walk in Ituri forest.

After breakfast, you will go for a guided forest walk in Ituri forest. The trip to the forest is very beautiful and sounds of birds and other animal in wilderness is fantastic.

In the evening you will relax at river Ituri to see the Crocodiles sun bathing and birds.

Activity: Forest walk and relaxing on river Ituri.

Accommodation: Epulu Bandas.

Day 7: Ituri – transfer to Beni.

On this day you will be transferred back to Beni town. This journey takes about 8 hours depending on the nature of the road. This drive is very enjoyable as there is a lot to see while travelling. A picnic lunch will served on the way to Beni.

Day 8: Beni– Transfer to Queen Elizabeth NP Mweya – Uganda.

Drive back to Uganda via Kasindi to Queen Elizabeth National Park. You will enjoy a game drive while heading to the hotel. Overnight will be foreseen at Queen Elizabeth NP.

Activity: Game drive and road transfer.

Accommodation: Mweya safari lodge or Kingfisher Lodge.

Day 9: QENP - Game drive – Boat trip.

Early morning you will go for a morning game drive since it is the most favourable time for Game viewing. Among the many activities includes visiting the Kob mating ground where a large number of the Uganda Kobs converge, visit of Kasenyi village and the schools. In this area there are lions, Kobs, Elephants, Buffalos, warthogs, bushbuck and waterbuck. You will return to the hotel for Lunch.

After lunch you will go for a launch trip on Kazinga channel. The Kazinga Channel is a natural channel of 36 km long between Lake George and Lake Edward. You will be able to see elephants, hippo, Nile crocodile and many water birds. The water birds are plentiful along the channel: African skimmers, African fish eagles, cormorants, saddle-billed storks, pelicans, etc. The Kazinga Channel divides Queen Elizabeth in a northern (Mweya) and southern part (Maramagambo, Kyambura, and Ishasha). Landscapes will be different. The northern part is a euphorbia savannah while the southern sector is a typical acacia savannah.

Activities: Game viewing, boat trip and visit of school.

Accommodation: Mweya safari Lodge.

Day 10: QENP – Kyambura chimps – transfer to Lake Mburo NP.

Wake up early in the morning and have breakfast. After breakfast you will be transferred to Kyambura. You will explore Kyambura gorge searching for chimpanzees. Like Gorilla trekking, following chimpanzees is a hard work – the terrain is often up or down steep slopes through thick vegetation. Chimps are extremely mobile and agile. The nature walk takes a few hours and later transfer to Lake Mburo.

Activities: Chimpanzee trekking, Guided nature walks & wildlife viewing.

Accommodation: Mantana Tented Camp or Mihingo Lodge.

Day 11: Game drive – Transfer to Kampala.

Early morning, you will enjoy the nature walk in the park before heading to Kampala. Animals expected to see include Impala, Zebra, African Eland and so many bird communities. You will return to the camp for lunch and later proceed for the boat cruise on the lake.

Activities: Nature walk in the park, Boat cruise.

Accommodation: Mantana Tented Camp or Mihingo Lodge.

Day 12: Transfer to Kampala and Departure.

You will be transferred to Kampala for a departure flight. Depending on your flight time, you will be guided to Kampala city through the markets, Kasubi tombs, Uganda Museum and doing some shopping as well.

Activities: Shopping, Market visit, Cultural Activities.

Important points to note on this safari.

1. This safari can be extended to Murchison Falls NP and Rwanda to discover more of wildlife.

2. We always advise our clients to bring soft or leather bags for easy transfers.

4. We advise clients to carry enough money (approximately $400) to meet their personal expenses while on safari.

5. Tips are always given as a way of appreciating the service provided to the tour leader.

What to bring on safari?

Clothes that are friendly to wildlife observation, good walking shoes, a few long-sleeve shirts, slippers, sweater for cool evenings, sun protection: hat, sunglasses, sun cream, video/photo camera i.e. longer telelens is very useful, reserve batteries, films, binoculars and a torch for dark nights.

What is the gestation period of the okapi?


440 days. After the okapi calf is born, it can nurse within 21 minutes and walk in about 30 minutes. During the first 6-8 weeks of its life, the baby doesn't defecate. This is to prevent predators from finding the calf by scent. The mother will nurse the calf from 6 months and a year. The okapi ranges in height from 5-6 feet at the shoulder is 7-8 feet long. They weigh anywhere between 455-550 pounds. The okapi has short dark brown hair and has bands of white over its rump and legs. They have large ears and dark eyes.

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