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Climate is warm rather than hot, and temperatures very little throughout the year. Come and spend your holiday with Agency Jobogo Tours and Travel

Congo Gorilla safari – 16 days:

Detailed Itinerary – Congo Gorilla safari – 16 days:

This is a lodging safari for individuals interested in discovering the beauty of DRC Congo, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda. It involves a lot of activities but not limited to Okapi visit, forest walk, pigmy visit, lowland and mountain Gorilla trekking, scenery viewing, Lake Kivu, Lake Tanganyika and Bujumbura city.

Trip summary:

Day 01: Arrival at Entebbe Airport – o/n Metropole hotel.

Day 02: Transfer to Kasese – o/n – o/n Hotel margarita.

Day 03: Margarita – transfer to Congo - Mt Rwenzori – transfer to Beni town – visit Beni – o/n Hotel Beni.

Day 04: Beni transfer to Ituri forest - Epullu –– o/n Epullu Bandas

Day 05: Visit Okapi – visit the Pygmies– o/n Epullu Bandas.

Day 06: Forest walk in Ituri and relax on river Ituri - o/n Epullu Bandas.

Day 07: Transfer to Beni - o/n Beni hotel.

Day 08: Beni – transfer to Goma by flight – visit Beni town and the green lake – o/n Stella Matulina Lodge.

Day 09: Gorilla trekking - o/n Stella Matulina Lodge.

Day 10: Hike Nyiragongo Volcanoes – for an overnight at the top of the volcano.

Day 11: Return to the Goma at 11am – Transfer to Goma for lunch and boat at 2 pm to Bukavu – o/n Hotel Orchids or La Rache.

Day 12: Lowland gorilla trekking - o/n Hotel Orchids or La Rache.

Day 13: Transfer to Bujumbura - visit Rusizi Natural Reserve – o/n Hotel Amohoro or Club De Tanganyika.

Day 14: Visit Livingstone Stanley monument and the Museum – o/n hotel Amohoro or Club De Tanganyika.

Day 15: Transfer to Rwanda – Nyungwe Forest - o/n Nyungwe Guest House or Nyungwe Forest Lodge.

Day 16: Canopy walk / chimp trekking on Nyungwe forest and transfer to Kigali – o/n Hotel chez Lando or Mille Collines Hotel.

Day 17: Kigali visit and Departure.

What is included on this trip?

Airport transfers, Lodge accommodation, all meals, mineral water, the services of a Driver-Guide, all park and entry fees, all activities as per the itinerary: Visit Okapi, visit pygmies and forest walk in Ituri and relax on river Epullu, gorilla trekking, Hike Nyiragongo Volcano, visit the green lake, boat trip to Bukavu, lowland gorillas, visit Rusizi natural reserve, visit Stanley monument and the museum, canopy on Nyungwe forest, visit the genocide memorial centre and Kigali visit.

What is excluded in this trip?

Personal expenses, visas, flight charges, other personal expenses like tips and donations, all drinks except mineral water.

Detailed Itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival at Entebbe Airport.

On arrival at Entebbe International Airport you will be received by AJ tours and travel team. Here you will be transferred to your hotel for an overnight.

Accommodation: Metropole hotel.

Day 2: Transfer to Kasese via Fort Portal- o/n Margarita hotel.

Day 3: Kasese - Transfer to Beni – Congo.

The transfer from Kasese – Kasindi (the boarder of Uganda and Congo) takes about 1 hour. After settling all the boarder clearance, then we will proceed inside DRC. While moving in the car you will view the beautiful Landscape of Rwenzori Mountains. On a good day you will view the glaciers at the peak of Margherita. Overnight will be fore seen at Beni town – Hotel Beni.

Activity: View of Mountain Rwenzori, Discovering the virgin Rain forest of Congo.

Accommodation: Hotel Beni

Day 4: Beni – Transfer to Epullu.

Wake up early in the morning for a departure to Epullu Ituri Forest. This is a day drive from Beni considering the road situation in Congo. The journey to Epullu involves a lot of activities to see while travelling. These will include the forests, various land use like deforestation for charcoal, village photo and recording. We will have a picnic lunch at Mambasa trading centre before proceeding to Epullu. We will have stop over at the major rivers like River Epullu. This is such a big river with a big river flow similar to that of the River Nile. Overnight and dinner will be at the Okapi Conservation reserve.

Activity: Discover of River Epullu and Forest sceneries.

Accommodation: Epullu Bandas.

Day 5: Epullu Ituri Forest.

After breakfast, you will visit the Okapis (Okapia Johnstoni). The Reserve harbours okapi and many other rainforest species including chimpanzees, elephants, hornbills and 13 species of monkeys. Found only in the Congo, the okapi is a shy and reclusive forest dweller and is the only living relative of the giraffe. Its unusual coloration and markings, including stripes resembling a zebra, provide camouflage in the dense rainforest and protect it from predators. The okapi is so quiet and elusive that the indigenous people of the forest rarely see one.

After lunch you will visit the pygmy from Epullu who live in a totally different experience. After this visit, you go for a guided a forest walk in Epullu Forest which consists of so many plant species and small animals (Rodents). After the forest walk you return to the Okapi Conservation Centre for a camp fire before you go to sleep. Dinner will be served there.

Activity: Visit the Okapis; Visit the Pygmy, Guided Forest Walk. Bird watching

Accommodation: Epullu Bandas.

Day 6: Epullu Ituri Forest –

Early morning forest walks in Ituri Forest and relax in the evening river Epullu near the hotel.

Accommodation: Epullu Bandas.

Day 7: Epullu transfer back to Beni.

After breakfast, you will be transferred back to Beni. This journey takes about 8 hours depending on the nature of the road. This drive is very enjoyable as there is a lot to see while travelling. A picnic lunch will served on the way to Beni.

Day 8: Beni – transfer to Goma by flight.

After breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport in Beni for a flight to Goma. This flight takes about 2 hours to reach Goma. On arrival at Goma, you will be picked by your guide and transferred to the hotel to relax. After lunch, you will visit Goma town.

Accommodation: Stella Matulina Lodge or Hotel Ihusi.

Day 9: Gorilla trekking in Virunga National Park.

Early in the morning at 7am you will proceed to Virunga National park - Kibati centre to begin your journey to the park. Gorilla trekking in Congo takes place at Mikeno sector with three posts at Bukima, Bikenge and Jomba. The journey to the park takes about one and half hours of driving before reaching Bukiima for briefing on the Gorillas. After gorilla trekking, you will return to the hotel at Goma for overnight.

Accommodation: Stella Matulina Lodge or Hotel Ihusi.

Day 10: Hike Nyiragongo Volcanoes (3,468M) – for an overnight at the top of the volcano.

After breakfast, you will be picked up by your driver guide to Kibati briefing centre before heading to Nyiragongo Volcano. Leaving from Kibati at 10am, the climb to the summit takes approximately 5 hours up and 5 hours down. Tents are pitched on the edge of the crater. At the centre of the crater is the world's largest Crater Lake with burning lava.

• The Nyiragongo and neighbouring Nyamulagira volcanoes are responsible for 40% of Africa's historical volcanic eruptions.

• The last major eruption of the Nyiragongo was in January 2002; over 400,000 people were evacuated from the city of Goma.

Congolese Wildlife Authority (ICCN) Rangers will accompany you on your hike. Porters will also be available to hire when you arrive at Kibati. The maximum weight that porters are authorized to carry is 15kg per porter. Overnight is foreseen at the rim of Volcano.

Accommodation: Tents.

Day 11: Return to the Goma at 11 Am and Transfer to Bukavu.

After breakfast, you will descend to Kibati centre. This journey takes about 5 hours of walking. On arrival at Kibati you will be transferred to Goma for Lunch.

After lunch, you will head for the boat ride to Bukavu at 2PM on Lake Kivu. The boat ride takes about 2hours to reach Bukavu. On arrival at Bukavu, you will relax in the evening in Bukavu town. Overnight is foreseen at Hotel Orchids or La Rache.

Accommodation: Hotel Orchids or La Rache.

Day 12: Transfer to Kahuzi Biega national Park - Lowland Gorilla Trekking.

The Kahuzi-Biega National Park (KBNP) was gazetted in 1970 to conserve the Grauer's gorilla, the world's largest gorilla species. The park covers an area of 6000 km2 and protects a mountain forest in eastern DRC, which is the most densely populated region of the country. The park is named after the two spectacular extinct volcanoes which dominate its high altitude sector, Mont Kahuzi (3,308m) and Mont Biega (2,790m). The PNKB is divided into two zones that are connected by a narrow corridor: on one side there is mountain forest covering 600 km2 from an altitude of 1,800 m to 3,300 m and on the other side is a tropical forest between 600 m and 1,200 m. The KBNP is therefore one of the biggest reserves serving to conserve flora and fauna in Central Africa's high mountain regions.

Wake up early in the morning at 6am for gorilla trekking. A drive from Bukavu to Kahuzi Biega takes about 30 minutes to the park headquarters for briefing. After gorilla trekking, you return to Bukavu for an overnight.

Accommodation: Hotel Orchids or La Rache.

Day 13: Bukavu – transfer to Bujumbura via Uvira and Nya -Ngezi escarpment.

Leave early morning through the grass plains where the Banyamulenge herders graze the longhorn cattle to enter Bujumbura. A steep track escalades the Nya-Ngezi escarpment with fantastic views on Rusizi River. After entering Burundi border at Uvira, you will visit the Nature Reserve of the Rusizi River. Its delta extends over 500 ha of vegetation made of Phragmites Mauritianus. It is a natural shelter for a few families of antelopes and hippopotami that come here in quest of grazing land. At the end of the track if you are lucky enough you may meet with a few crocodiles fast asleep on the golden sand of the river banks.

Accommodation: Hotel Amohoro or Club De Tanganyika.

Day 14: Bujumbura – Visit city, Livingstone and Stanley monument.

Bujumbura lies at the north-eastern corner of Lake Tanganyika and grew from a small village to become the capital of Burundi. Its centre is a colonial town with a large market, the national stadium, a large mosque, and a cathedral. During the day we climb to the "Belvedere" on the top of the hill, a dominating point of the town

Offering a unique view onto Lake Tanganyika, visit the mausoleum of Prince Louis Rwagasore, a hero of the independence of Burundi, drive ten kilometres south to stop at a historical spot, the commemorating stone of the place where the famous explorers Stanley and Livingstone rested during their attempt to find the source of the Nile.

Accommodation: Hotel Amohoro or Club De Tanganyika.

Day 15: Transfer to Rwanda – Nyungwe Forest:

After breakfast, you will be transferred from Burundi to Rwanda Nyungwe forest. This 1000 sq.km. Jungle in the south of Rwanda is the largest and most ancient afro-mountane forest remaining in the East & Central Africa, dating back to the last ice age. One of the Africa's Best kept secrets, the forest is inter-spaced with well marked and maintained trails and boosts of 13 rare primate species, the world's largest ever recorded arboreal troupe of black/white Colobus monkeys, over 300 species of birds and 100 types of orchids. Nyungwe forest and chimpanzee trekking is the ideal complement to any Gorilla safari.

Accommodation: Gisakura Guest house or Nyungwe Forest Lodge.

Day 16: Chimp trekking or Canopy walk transfer to Kigali:

After breakfast, you will head for chimp trekking or a canopy walk in Nyungwe. For birders a guided nature walk in the morning will enable them to spot a variety of bird species in the Nyungwe forest. You will not miss birds such as Rwenzori Turaco and black and white casqued hornbill. Large troops of colobus monkeys will be every time encountered on different forest trails.

After lunch, you will be transferred to Kigali, overnight is foreseen at Kigali.

Day 17: Kigali city visit and Departure.

After breakfast you will visit Kigali city and late transfer to the airport for Departure.

Important points to note on this safari.

1. We always advise our clients to bring soft or leather bags for easy transfers.

2. Minimum age for gorilla trekking is 15 years old.

3. We advise clients to carry enough money (approximately $400) to meet their personal expenses while on safari.

4. Tips are always given as a way of appreciating the service provided to the tour leader.

5. Please note that there are daily flights from Nairobi to Kigali with Kenya Airways and Rwandair Express.

What to bring on safari?

Clothes that are friendly to wildlife observation, good walking shoes and gears for hiking, a few long-sleeve shirts, slippers, sweater for cool evenings, sun protection: hat, sunglasses, sun cream, video/photo camera i.e. longer telelens is very useful, reserve batteries, films, binoculars and a torch for dark nights.

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